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Company History and Mission

Leimen Ltd is a small but agile company created by Town Planners and Engineers keen to provide an integrated service to improve processes in the development industry, particularly in planning submissions. The Partners’ vast experience in public and private sectors spanning almost five decades provides a unique understanding of the key bottlenecks for planning submissions so as to avert abortive work, missed key timelines and delayed delivery objectives. By identifying the key issues around highways, drainage and levels which beset development proposals an integrated service offering will guarantee that from the onset a more seamless process is in place from submission to post planning compliance.

The Company’s immediate goal is to satisfy the market created over many years of networking and goodwill, at the same time perfecting the Company’s processes and offerings before scaling up onto larger markets and clientele once its’ reputation is firmly established. We will be ambitious but controlled so the Company remains truthful to its values of professionalism, client care and achieving value for money to its clients.

Our Vision

To provide trusted professional advice to clients in order to deliver sustainable built environments for the benefit of our society today and in the future.

Who we are:

Leimen Ltd is a multi-disciplinary consultancy providing planning and infrastructure development engineering services. Our team of Planners and Engineers have experience which spans private and public sectors, including working with the country’s volume housebuilders. We front load drainage, highways and site level input to inform the feasibility planning stages so all constraints are identified and designed into the plans to avoid abortive and costly work as the schemes progresses through procedural and regulatory scrutiny.

What we do:

We are development enablers who unlock your property’s potential, whether a building or land, achieving requisite planning permissions supported by civil engineering solutions. By integrating planning and engineering services we provide certainty that the planning and post planning submissions achieve highways, drainage and ground level regulatory compliance, avoid abortive work and costly design and remedial interventions.

How we do it

We seek to understand your challenges and objectives in order to create a bespoke strategy for your project, informed by a comprehensive review of the relevant policy and regulatory maze.  Our in-house team of Planners and Engineers provide requisite technical input and/or co-opt external consultants (e.g. ecologists, surveyors, etc) as necessary. Foremost to this is our commitment to devise and advise on a strategy and process most suited to the project, having regard to the risks involved, budget and client’s key timelines. When required, and in agreement with the client, we will project manage the process through to post-decision compliance. 


Our Values

  • Providing excellent client care – Serving by understanding and resolving clients’ problems through effective communication and with integrity in order to gain client’s confidence, foster trust, long term relationships and repeat business.
  • Achieving value for money – Devising cost-effective design solutions and proportionate mitigation to suit our clients’ objectives, always seeking solutions which future proof developments in the ever-changing priorities regarding sustainability and/or building regulations.
  • Offering professionalism in service provision – Carefully choosing the most suitable resources for specific projects, applying best industrial practices guided by professional codes of practice, industry standards and protocols; innovative and sustainable solutions, and being fair and considerate in our dealings with clients.
  • Inclusivity – We value our clients equally regardless of size of organisation, scale of the job and proprietorship.

Our People

  • Our experience spans many sectors and many types of developments. This includes many years with Local Authorities and private developers, including volume housebuilders.